News Updates and Information

Accident Time Report

We are very proud to be able to report that as of the end of May 2018 we here at ClearView have completed 607 days without any accidents or incidents.

Working With Local Business's

We are very grateful for the opportunity to work for Restaurant 54 on Glossop High Street. A restaurant that takes pride in all aspects of the restaurants presentation and cleanliness even in areas the customers will never see.

The wider business community

ClearView Speciality Cleaning is proud to be associated with numerous prestigious landmark shopping areas. Be that cleaning glass at ground level or even walking above the glass roofs to ensure the areas are free from grime and stain. Working inside of roof spaces vacuuming dust and things off the steel framework or simply pressure washing external pathways CVSC is always there to help.


Bank holidays are always popular times for internal and external cleans.  If you are closing over any of the bank holiday weekends we would advise you to  book early for your business premises to be cleaned so as to avoid disapointment. - You rest and we will work for you.

Book now to ensure your business receives our attention to detail.

Pure Water Explained


Pure Water

Unlike the tap water that is typically used to clean windows, which contains many minerals and impurities, the pure water used in this system is passed through a de-ionising process which completely purifies the water. This removes minerals which can stain or streak the surface of the glass, allowing your windows to look their very best.

De-ionised water is in fact a particularly reactive solvent, quickly and efficiently dissolving small substances. The soft filament brush helps tackle any tougher particles, and the constant flow of water means that your windows will soon be gleaming and streak-free.

Your FAQ's

Question : Do you ever get any issues with your service's ?

Answer :  On occasion everybody incurs issues with their services.

That is the truth. 

It isn't about getting something wrong it is about how we deal with the situation. We always try to get everything correct the first time, however on occasion we have to go back and correct any area the customer is not happy with.

Your satisfaction is the most important thing to our business quite simply because without you and your satisfaction we DO NOT HAVE A BUSINESS.